Join the World's First "Done For You" Joint Venture Community for Coaches, Speakers, and Authors!

Finally, an Easy Way for Anyone to Tap Into the
Power of Joint Ventures:

  • Leverage Other People's Communities to Rapidly Build a BIG List of Pre-Sold Prospects for Your Coaching Programs and Products
  • Create an Instant Rush of High Paying Clients On Demand, Anytime You Want
  • Spread Your Message Like Wildfire by Instantly Plugging Into the Tribes, Audiences, and Communities Others Have Spent Years Building (Potentially Millions of Ideal Prospects Hungry for Your Expertise)
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We're Breaking the Mold for How Joint Ventures Are Done!

  • JV's are no longer reserved for the elite few with HUGE lists. We've leveled the playing field and made it easy for anyone to set-up lucrative deals (NO list required)!
  • No more cold calling and rejection. We bring deals to you on a platter with a "done for you" joint venture network of highly interested JV partners and software that matches you up with ideal partners automatically.
  • Get deals done fast and effortlessly. We've created a simplified approach to joint ventures based on our experience putting together 100's of successful deals. Then we built a community around it. We've put all the levers in place for easily finding the perfect deals and partners, rapidly building trust, and executing deals for maximum profit.

The JV Insider Circle: Your Personal Network of Ideal JV Partners Eager to Do Deals With You

Plug In, Get Deals, Get Subscribers and Clients

Talk to anyone who has done joint ventures the old way, and you'll find out that it can take years to build up your personal network of go-to joint venture partners that are willing to do deals with you.

You had to spend hours painstakingly searching for ideal partners, make 100's of cold calls, face relentless rejection, and spend an enormous amount of time vetting potential partners (and being vetted by them).

Now with your membership in the JV Insider Circle, you get to skip all that frustration, rejection, and long hours of hard work. Because we've built your network of partners for you. All you have to do is show up and start putting together profitable deals!

And as a member of the JV Insider Circle, you're not just getting access to a ready-made circle of JV minded coaches, speakers, and authors – you're also getting a set of tools, support, and a proven joint venture marketing system that makes rapidly setting up lucrative JV deals a truly "done for you" process.

Here are the privileges you'll enjoy as a member:

  • Access to the world's largest (and rapidly growing) community of coaches, speakers, and authors who are focused on doing one thing: helping grow each other's lists and sell each other's products and programs through FUN, HIGHLY PROFITABLE joint venture partnerships!
  • Access to a "done for you" JV marketplace. No more tirelessly researching ideal partners (it's done for you). No more cold calling to get their attention (it's done for you). No more struggling to build trust (it's done for you). No more complicated, drawn out "getting to know you" process (it's done for you). I could go on, but you get the idea. ALL the hard work has been done for you, so you can focus on getting the most deals done and building a BIG list of hot prospects!
  • Automatic alerts sent straight to your inbox when a new member joins that matches your "ideal JV partner" criteria. We hunt down and bring lucrative JV deals to YOU, while you sit back and watch your business grow.
  • Monthly members-only training calls with advanced JV strategies for extracting maximum profits from every deal, interviews with industry leaders, and live Q and A to coach you through the nitty-gritty details of deal making. PLUS, "rapid fire" pitch sessions on every call where you'll get a chance to pitch your joint venture to the entire group!
  • Access to a private JV Insider Circle Facebook group where you'll have a chance to connect, collaborate, and brainstorm with other members on joint venture deals and beyond!
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$4,000 in New Member Bonuses THIS WEEK ONLY

BONUS #1: Instant JV Formula 8-Week Live Coaching Program
(normally $1,000, yours free this week!)

Join other new members of the JV Insider Circle in an 8-week in depth, interactive, mastery level training on exactly how to set-up joint venture deals. Find out how to create a flood of new clients, subscribers, and customers into your business on demand anytime you want.

This will be a step-by-step, nitty-gritty deep dive into the secrets of getting MASSIVE results from joint ventures. You'll discover how to fully leverage your membership in the JV Insider Circle so you can get the most deals done, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort and resistance. And with other members participating in the training, everyone in the community will be on the same page – you won't have to waste time convincing, explaining, or feeling like a slimy salesman because your prospective partner doesn't "get it." Everyone will know the easiest, most direct way to set-up deals with each other. Which means setting up winning joint ventures will finally be a true "no brainer" for everyone!

BONUS #2: The JV Experience Live Event
($1,000 a ticket, yours free this week!)

You get to meet other members of the JV Insider Circle in person at our live event in December. It's not a typical seminar-style or a networking event, where you try to figure out the best way to approach someone about a JV. You will literally walk into a room full of speakers, coaches, and authors who are ready to joint venture with you.

We will teach some high level JV strategies and help you become a world-class JV partner, and you'll also have an opportunity to set up joint ventures right at the event. You'll start building long term JV partnerships to have the same kind of support all year long. You will connect with potential new partners face to face, and develop your own JV support network, which can turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over the next few years for you.

This hands-on workshop is going to bring our awesome community of JV minded speakers, coaches, and authors into the real world. It will provide you with the perfect environment to solidify your relationships with current JV partners, connect with potential new partners face to face, and develop lasting bonds that will be the basis for millions of dollars worth of joint venture deals in the years to come!

BONUS #3: “Product Creation Clinic” 3-Day Hands-On
Virtual Bootcamp
($2,000 value, yours free this week)

Get our feedback and coaching on your product, ideas, and materials:

  • Get extreme clarity on your exact niche and product offer
  • Come up with a MILLION DOLLAR idea that everyone will jump to promote
  • Get priceless feedback and coaching on your programs, products and materials
  • Learn to position, package, and price your product so JV partners can't resist you
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One-Year Memberships Now Available, Claim Yours Now

We are currently accepting new members. This is your opportunity to leverage the marketing assets and social influence of hundreds of other coaches, speakers, and authors.

In order to maintain the highest quality community, we only open our doors to new members in time limited phases. Once this phase is over, we will close the doors to focus on initiating new members. If you don't claim your membership now, you will be forced to wait until the next new membership phase. We require a one year commitment to the JV Insider Circle. This commitment ensures a tight-knit community filled with only the highest quality potential JV partners who are dedicated and open to putting together lots of deals, supporting each other, and having the most fun doing it!

Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: You'll LOVE your membership or we'll refund 100% of your payment!

Join us, test the joint venture marketing strategies we will be walking you through, use our database of JV-minded entrepreneurs, and enjoy our special bonuses. If you don’t find that this program can help you generate more sales and find great JV partners, send us an e-mail or call us within 30 days and we’ll refund your entire payment.

Click Here to Join for just $197/month for 12 months:

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We look forward to having you "In the Club!"

Rich German and Milana Leshinsky

P.S. Instant JV Formula 8-Week Live Coaching Program starts September 16th, at which time new member registration in the JV Insider Circle will be CLOSED. We only open membership a couple times a year, so don't miss your opportunity to get in NOW and begin connecting with potential JV partners!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get access to the community, tools, and support you need to create an instant rush of clients, sales, and subscribers on demand anytime you want! There is no faster way to grow your business than joint ventures, and now you finally have everything you need to start putting deals together immediately. Let's do some deals and launch your business to the next level!

Questions? Email us here. Or call 949-436-JVIC. Become an Affiliate

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Because we believe that our system will work for our members we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. However, we cannot guarantee any particular results for any of our members. Because our members come from many different backgrounds and offer a variety of diverse products and services, we cannot guarantee that any of our members will be able to find a "match" for their individual product or service. Like any other business endeavor, success in a joint venture depends on a number of factors such as effort, quality of product or service, demands for a particular product or service, etc. Our system requires that to be successful members must actively participate and engage in the system.